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Hopkins Financial is non conforming and creative real estate financier.  We are funding loans in Idaho and throughout the Northwest.  Below are some creative examples of commercial loans we have funded:

$2.1M PURCHASE ON RV/MOBILE HOME PARK IN SW UTAH - An investor in SW Utah had a great opportunity to purchase a mobile home & RV park but was not financially capable to make the purchase and improvements. Hopkins agreed to purchase the property while the investor/client is the manager and retains a profit sharing position and buy back option.

 $190,000 ASSIGNMENT OF NOTE - The client sold the property and carried a note and deed of trust with the buyer but still owed on their loan on the property. The client’s lender offered them a discount if they paid off the loan in full. Hopkins’ solution was to make a loan to payoff the client’s discounted loan and take an Assignment of this client’s note and deed with the new owner as security.

$305,000 RESIDENTIAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY - Borrower, an LLC, needed to refinance existing residential construction loan to a perm loan for an investment property but when they came up against an unusual bank regulation they turned to Hopkins.

$890,000 FARM & RESIDENTIAL LOAN PLUS NOTE ASSIGNMENT - Wanting to help out a family member but knowing they were in an unusual situation the borrower turned to Hopkins for a creative multi-collateral solution for a loan on the farm, residence and note assignment.

$74,000 FARM LOAN TO START CATTLE OPERATION - With ok credit but not able to find a conventional loan for their business needs Hopkins Financial Services was able to create a solution by a refinance loan on their existing property so they could expand their business operations!

$835,000 PURCHASE LEASE BACK WITH PURCHASE OPTION   - Without enough funds for down payment and not enough financial strength to obtain a bank loan Hopkins was able to secure the purchase of the property with a  lease back and a 3 year purchase option for the client/tenant.

$2.4 MILLION LOAN FUNDED ON 34,000 SQ. FT. RETAIL/OFFICE BUILDING  - Borrower obtained $1.6 million discount from bank!!   60% leased building, construction loan needed “permed out”, borrower not quite strong enough.

$550,000 LOAN FUNDED ON MULTIPLE PROPERTIES - Main security was a ranch, plus an office building and closed down RV park.  Borrower obtained $300,000 discount from a bank that was in foreclosure!

For many various reasons these loans are examples of non-conforming commercial loans in the northwest that Hopkins Financial has been able to place with our 400+ private investors.

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