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Private Money Real Estate Loans

If you have been through the loan process before, you know that the slightest ripple can postpone your funding…maybe indefinitely.  We know that unusual circumstances can create lots of delays in a project or pending purchase.  That’s where Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. can help.  Hopkins is a non-conforming, private money mortgage broker.  Hopkins is primarily designed to help those borrowers who have equity in real estate but, for whatever reason, cannot qualify for conventional bank financing.  This type of lending can also be referred to as "hard money", "equity loans" or  "asset based" lending.

What Makes A Loan Non-Conforming?

If you have even the slightest credit glitch, many banks and conforming lenders cannot work with you. Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. can work with all credit grade borrowers, even if you had a past bankruptcy, short sale, or foreclosure.

Not all properties meet the lending criteria of conventional lenders. For example, you may have a house on a large acreage parcel, or a house on land zoned commercial, Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. may be able to help.

Sometimes the conventional loan process can take many weeks to months. We understand that sometimes time is of the essence and you need to close quicker than a conventional source can assist. Depending on the type of loan we can close your loan in a week. However, in unusual situations we may even be able to close your loan in a matter of days.

When Is It Time To Call Hopkins?

  • Your credit is scratched, dented, or smashed, including a short sales or bankruptcy.

  • You have recently move to Idaho from out-of-state.

  • Bank terms are not flexible.

  • You need to close quickly.

  • You need a gap or bridge loan.

  • You need to sell or borrow against a real estate note.

  • You need financing for a real estate joint venture opportunity or any other non-conforming real estate need.

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We loan where banks won't!
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