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About Hopkins – Hopkins Financial Services, Inc.
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Hopkins Staff

Mission Statement

To establish trust, profitability and growth for our customers and employees by valuing and responding to their needs through professional real estate financial services.

Company History

After starting a small real estate brokerage in 1983 Randy Hopkins saw a niche lending need for real estate buyers as he witnessed the banks saying "No" on certain loans for various reasons.  He knew this didn't mean it wasn't a good investment so he began taking these potential loans to individuals to fund. The investors agreed these loans were good investments and had a solid return.  After a number of these transactions Randy began to focus on brokering these loans between borrowers and investors not for just his clients but other too, and Hopkins Financial Services took root!

As the company grew Hopkins Financial created several “mortgage/real estate backed” funds that are noticed with the State of Idaho Finance Department.   In April 1994, to better service our clients, Hopkins Loan Services, Inc. was established and is designed to offer professional escrow setup and loan servicing.

Since starting Hopkins Financial the company has funded over $540 million of real estate loans with over 500 private investors and we are currently managing approximately $25 million in real estate and loans.

Connecting Borrowers and Investors

We have taken the simple concept of “bringing people together” and developed a mortgage brokerage that focuses on each of our client’s success! Our hard work and vision combined with knowledge and resources are your key advantages. We look beyond the standard banking guidelines and find solutions that add value to your portfolio. Our flexible loan programs and “can do” attitude enables us to provide you with the highest level of customer service in the industry. Using real estate equity as security, we will “match” the borrower with a loan program that works best for their needs. Part of our strategy includes marketing these loans to our institutional and private money sources. Our private money sources are more flexible than conventional lending options and offer competitive rates in the secondary lending market.

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